Kumari Website

    UX UI
    When Kumari Jewels approached us, they weren't just looking for a typical e-commerce website; they wanted to establish a meaningful connection with their audience via this platform. Their goal was to engage modern, young Indian women seeking more than just traditional jewellery. Our challenge was to create an immersive digital experience that would appeal deeply to this audience and set Kumari Jewels apart in a competitive market.
    Our Approach
    Understanding the Audience: We began by understanding the desires and aspirations of modern Indian women, aged 25-40, who are dynamic, fun, and excited about jewellery for themselves. They value uniqueness, quality, and a blend of tradition with contemporary style.
    Brand-First Design: We focused on a brand-first design approach, ensuring that every element of the website reflected Kumari Jewels' identity and values. The goal was to create a cohesive and engaging digital experience that would captivate the target audience. The brand ethos, 'everyday extra,' was infused throughout the design, appealing to women who go the extra mile to achieve their dreams.
    Audience Engagement: By creating an interactive and visually appealing platform, we encouraged users to spend more time exploring the brand's offerings. This approach fostered a deeper connection and loyalty among the target audience.
    Increased Engagement: The average time spent on the website significantly increased, making it one of the top sites in the jewellery category for user engagement.
    Top Industry Ranking: The website achieved high engagement metrics, reflecting the success of the brand-first, audience-focused design.
    Better performance metrics: Leading with the brand, the website has achieved traffic and conversion rates that are category-leading.
    Our comprehensive approach to UX/UI design, rooted in understanding and engaging the target audience, transformed Kumari Jewels’ digital presence. By focusing on creating a brand world that connected deeply with modern Indian women, we not only enhanced user engagement but also strengthened the brand's online identity and success.