Luxury, Celebrity, Communication
Sobhita Dhulipala in and as Her Story
Jewellery is a necessary luxury in India. Yet, the country’s rich history with jewellery hasn't resulted in its meaning having evolved with the times for its wearer. Craftsmanship and aesthetics are its wheels, the celebrity endorser its linchpin. No wonder that the modern Indian woman, one who can discuss the structural details of Loewe and the minimal luxe of Raw Mango, showed little interest in a category that added nothing to her personality.
When we at Open conceptualized a jewellery brand for Walking Tree, we wanted to change this. As India’s leading jewellery design house, Walking Tree understood that jewellery is more than the sum of metal and stones. We created Her Story to delve deeper into what jewellery meant to the consumer, a brand that asks what makes something precious? And then turns that insight into jewellery of the highest aesthetics and craftsmanship. As a luxury brand that is all about introspection, how we communicate was key. Her Story understood the power and appeal of a celebrity's relationship with a brand so they brought on someone who was as sensitive and passionate about finding meaning in everything she does, as the brand.
Sobhita Dhulipala is a no-holds-barred actor, who refused to play it safe right from her debut. Her outre roles and her articulate, self-assured personality off-camera is, in a way, the very embodiment of the Her Story spirit. So, when she came on board to endorse the brand that is steeped in the individual expression, it felt like fate. As someone who constantly defied definition, Sobhita was the perfect person to pose the question "What does precious mean?" The campaign with Sobhita introduced Her Story’s first six collections. Ambition, vulnerabilities, hopes and desires informed each of them, making the light, beautiful pieces heavy with meaning and depth. Chameleon-like, Sobhita transformed into that emotion, becoming the essence of the collection pieces that she wore. Introspective, strong, emotional yet calm, she brought alive the new femininity that Her Story stands for. Her fearlessness in showing the deepest, most secret part of her is what made her perfect for the brand that wants you to tell your story.
“What will make you wear jewellery like it was an essential part of you?” the campaign asks. For us, it was to see someone we admire reveal her many facets through jewellery, finally showing that jewellery is not the sidekick but the soul of the heroine. See the campaign