How a New Jewellery Brand Achieved a 7.5% CTR by Focusing on Brand Resonance, Not Just Numbers
By Samera Khan
In a market saturated with jewellery brands, achieving standout performance requires more than just chasing metrics. When Kumari Jewels approached us, they weren't just looking for a boost in numbers; they wanted to establish a meaningful connection with their audience. Instead of solely chasing growth metrics, we focused on building a brand world that engaged with their target audience—modern, young Indian women seeking more than just traditional jewellery.
For Kumari Jewels, the key to success was creating a brand that resonated deeply with its audience.
We crafted a brand identity for Kumari Jewels that was not only visually striking but also emotionally engaging. This high memorability ensured that the brand stayed top-of-mind for potential customers, driving repeat visits and ongoing engagement.
Brand Promise Brought Alive Across the Funnel
In a crowded marketplace, differentiation is crucial. We developed a unique brand narrative and visual identity that set Kumari Jewels apart from competitors. This involved innovative design choices and a compelling brand story that resonated with the target audience. From the initial touchpoint to the final conversion, we ensured that the brand promise was consistently communicated and reinforced. This cohesive approach across all stages of the customer journey helped build trust and loyalty.
By focusing on brand resonance and delivering on the brand promise, we achieved traffic, engagement, and conversion metrics that consistently surpassed industry standards. The result was an impressive 7.5% CTR (click through rate), demonstrating the power of a well-executed brand strategy.
Category Defying CTR of 7.5%
By creating a strong brand identity, we reduced the overall CAC, as more customers were drawn to Kumari Jewels through organic and direct engagement. The emphasis on everyday luxury and self-expression increased customer loyalty and repeat purchases, thereby enhancing the LTV.
Incorporating branding into your business strategy
Branding isn't just about aesthetics anymore—it's a powerful metric that can drive growth, and significantly impact your bottom line. Our work with Kumari Jewels is a testament to how focusing on brand metrics and creating a genuine brand world can lead to exceptional business outcomes.