How Jiva Ayurveda Achieved 300% ROI Through Brand Transformation
By Samera Khan
Consumer preferences and tastes have been evolving rapidly in India over the past decade. In the fast-evolving landscape of healthcare, Jiva Ayurveda found itself at a crossroads. A brand that grew rapidly between 2006 to 2018, Jiva was struggling to capture the imagination of a new and growing market. Faced with competition from new entrants and an evolving consumer base, Jiva was on one hand not perceived as relevant to the emerging consumer segments and on the other hand it was getting crowded-out in its conventional consumer base.
Jiva Ayurveda recognized the need for a significant brand transformation to remain competitive.
We helped Jiva achieve brand-market fit in a way that unlocked new growth opportunities for the brand. We repositioned Jiva as the only expert in Ayurveda that offered a scientific and authentic Ayurveda in a way that was highly relevant in modern context.
Our comprehensive strategy for Jiva Ayurveda involved three critical phases: Growth Diagnostics, Growth Strategy, and Rebranding.
1. Growth Diagnostics: We began by identifying barriers to growth. Our proprietary Growth-Diagnostics tool revealed both internal and external barriers to growth. Early on in the process we could pin-point exactly which of the 4 Growth-Factors needed maximum focus to unlock growth.
2. Growth Strategy: With the insights gained from the diagnostics phase, we developed a growth strategy that identified opportunity spaces for the next decade. This strategy focused on leveraging Jiva’s strengths and addressing its weaknesses to set the brand on a sustainable growth path.
3. Re-branding: To achieve the desired change, we undertook a comprehensive rebranding exercise. This included:
New brand narrative and world: a big part of creating relevance with in newer market and consumer contexts is the narrative and the brand world. We brought alive the core principle of Jiva in a way that retained the strong empathy and warmth the brand had, and added modern scientific rigor and precision to it. Clinic Experience: We revamped the clinic experience to align with the new brand identity and target audience. This involved redesigning the clinics to provide a more engaging and welcoming environment for patients. OTC Product Packaging: We upgraded the packaging of Jiva’s over-the-counter (OTC) products to reflect the brand’s new positioning and appeal to a premium market segment.
We also set stage for a program-led specialist approach, positioning Jiva as a leader in Ayurveda. This involved creating and supervising a digital marketing strategy to reach and engage with the new target audience effectively.
Business Impact: The results of our efforts were significant:
• 300% Revenue ROI: The rebranding exercise led to a 300% return on investment in terms of revenue.
• 20% Increase in Patient Footfalls and Retention: We saw a substantial increase in patient visits and retention rates, as well as ancillary product sales from the clinics.
Incorporating brand-first thinking into your business strategy
Our work with Jiva Ayurveda demonstrates how brand-first thinking can lead to significant business profitability. By creating the right way forward for Jiva based on emerging opportunities and their DNA, we were able to unlock new growth opportunities and achieve remarkable business results. This case underscores the importance of a holistic approach that integrates branding with performance metrics to drive sustainable growth. Jiva Ayurveda’s transformation is a testament to the power of rebranding and strategic repositioning in a competitive and rapidly evolving market.