1. Visual Identity
  2. Naming
  3. Packaging Design

Mansion House

A celebration of exclusivity and refinement.
Mansion House by Tilaknagar Distilleries is a beloved brandy with a cult following. For its legacy edition, we crafted a name that resonated deeply with the brand’s ethos and an identity and packaging that made it the quintessential top-shelf brandy at every enthusiast’s bar. We chose the name with careful deliberation to convey a sense of exclusivity and intimacy, evoking the private and prestigious spaces within a grand mansion. The packaging represents the mansion itself, with the label as the door, inviting you in. The depth and detail of the bas-relief enhances the tactile and visual impact and intricately weaves the story of the Ugni grapes and the French distillation process into the very structure of the packaging, making each element a testatment to the brand’s heritage and craftsmanship. lllustration: Pratap Chalke